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197, Mother of (marriage to Charles E Vaught) (i194), d.1931


_?_, Mary (marriage to Richard Stamper) (i2499), b.1814-


ANDERS, Charlie (i2417)
ANDERS, Estel (i2415)
ANDERS, Gwyn (i2416)
ANDERS, J. Lonnie (marriage to Rosa "Rosie" Stamper) (i2412), b.1891-d.1990


ANDERSON, Eli (marriage to Margeret "Peggy" Stamper) (i2502), b.1834-
ANDERSON, Nancy Jane (marriage to Benjamin Hash) (i1432), b.1857-


BALL, Nancy Jane (marriage to James Thomas "Tom" Stamper) (i1373), b.1863-d.1953


BEEKER, E. C. Augustus (marriage to Carrie 'Alasca' Vaught) (i216), b.1895-d.1988


BLEVINS, David (marriage to Lydia Stamper) (i1982)
BLEVINS, Haley (marriage to Floyd Stamper) (i2422), d.1940
BLEVINS, Mary "Polly" (marriage to Joshua Stamper) (i563), b.1786-d.1896


BOONE, (marriage to Lydia Stamper) (i1983)


CRESWELL, Margaret (marriage to Joseph Fields Vaught) (i204), b.1911-d.1990


CROUSE, Frank Curne (marriage to Minnie Loudemia Stamper) (i2328), b.1920-
CROUSE, James Cleveland (i2329) (still alive)


EDWARDS, Elizabeth "Betty" (marriage to Harvey Stamper) (i2484), d.1982


GARDNER, Caleb Aaron (i1934) (still alive)


GAULTNEY, James Leonard (i2478), b.1914-d.1955
GAULTNEY, Jones Daniel (marriage to Donna Arlene Stamper) (i1984), b.1879-d.1926
GAULTNEY, Lena L. (i2481) (still alive)
GAULTNEY, Nola (i2480), b.1921-d.1921
GAULTNEY, Parks E. (i2479) (still alive)
GAULTNEY, Pauline H. (i2476) (still alive)


GOINS, Oseany (i2405), b.1868-
GOINS, Reany (i2404), b.1870-
GOINS, Thompson (marriage to Sarah Stamper) (i2401), b.1820-


GROAK, Dorothy Mae (marriage to Dennis Eugene Vaught) (i19), b.1914-d.1991


HASH, Abraham (marriage to Catherine Stamper) (i655), b.1826-d.1906
HASH, Andrew (i1433), b.1875-
HASH, Andrew N. (i1429), b.1858-
HASH, Benjamin (i1428), b.1855-
HASH, Byrum (i1423), b.1846-
HASH, Floyd (i1424), b.1847-
HASH, Harvey (i1435), b.1879-
HASH, James Phipps (marriage to Margeret Adeline Stamper) (i653), b.1816-d.1877
HASH, Melvin (i1434), b.1878-
HASH, Melvin C. (i1430), b.1861-
HASH, Minerva (i1426), b.1851-
HASH, Rebecca (marriage to John Stamper) (i705), b.1820-d.1864
HASH, Rebecca Jane (i1431), b.1863-
HASH, Rena (i1425), b.1851-
HASH, Robert (marriage to Polly Jane Stamper) (i957), b.1846-d.1911
HASH, Sirena Laren "Rena" (marriage to John Stamper) (i81), b.1823-
HASH, Susan (i1427), b.1853-
HASH, Susannah "Susie" (marriage to Joshua Stamper Jr) (i79), b.1825-d.1858


HAUSE, Mildred (marriage to Robert Lee Vaught) (i217)


HUNTER, Eunice Constance (marriage to Samuel Ray Stamper) (i1977), b.1906-d.1972
HUNTER, Mabel (marriage to Samuel Ray Stamper) (i1978), b.1907-


JOHNSEN, Derek Lee (i157) (still alive)
JOHNSEN, Tricia Anne (i367) (still alive)
JOHNSEN, Victoria Gail (i158) (still alive)


KENNEDY, Charles (marriage to Rosamond "Rosey" Stamper) (i1638)


KIRK, Dorothy Sue (i156) (still alive)


LARUE, Jessie Sampson (marriage to Irena Jane "Rena" Stamper) (i1452)
LARUE, Joseph Lewis (i1483)
LARUE, Loudema "(Lou) Demie" (marriage to Joseph Samuel Stamper) (i45), b.1853-d.1941


MARTIN, Clarence (i2491)
MARTIN, John (i2492)
MARTIN, John (marriage to Annie Stamper) (i2490)
MARTIN, Lonnie (i2493)


Mary (marriage to Harvey Stamper) (i1968), b.1862-


MEYER, May (marriage to Charles Andrew Stamper) (i1985), d.1983


MILLS, Beverly (i787), b.1938-
MILLS, Byron (marriage to Alaska Shupe) (i785), d.1960
MILLS, Jeannie (i788), b.1942-
MILLS, Shirley (i786), b.1936-


MOORE, Pete (marriage to Susie Stamper) (i1980)


NELSON, Arthur (marriage to Lydia Stamper) (i1981)
NELSON, Blanche Irene (i2406)


OWENS, George Thomas Edd (marriage to Martha Emma Stamper) (i2494)
OWENS, George Thomas Edd (marriage to Martha Emma Stamper) (i2494)


POE, Minnie Melissa (marriage to James Piercy Stamper) (i1966), b.1867-


POTEET, Willie Mae (marriage to Dennis Eugene Vaught) (i151), b.1912-d.1982


RICE, Tanya Lynn (i177) (still alive)


RUTHERFORD, Jane V. (marriage to Madison Stamper) (i2420), b.1835-
RUTHERFORD, Rebecca (marriage to Tobias Stamper) (i2497), b.1820-


SANDERS, Edna Mae (i214) (still alive)
SANDERS, Frank McNeal (i211), b.1920-d.1984
SANDERS, Gwyn Duke (marriage to Bessie Lanora Vaught) (i210), b.1897-d.1981
SANDERS, Ruby Rose (i215) (still alive)
SANDERS, Shirley Ann (i392) (still alive)
SANDERS, Ted Lacy (i213), b.1931-d.1970
SANDERS, Troy 'Dale' (i212), b.1922-d.1984


SAWYER, Eliza Ann (marriage to Joshua Stamper Jr) (i1479), b.1835-d.1915


SELLS, Linda (i2410) (still alive)
SELLS, William (marriage to Helen Virginia Sligh) (i2409)


SHARON, Allen Lee (i449) (still alive)
SHARON, Andrew Robert (i458) (still alive)
SHARON, Andria (i472) (still alive)
SHARON, David (i450) (still alive)
SHARON, David (i469) (still alive)
SHARON, Jacob Allen (i455) (still alive)
SHARON, Jeff (i452) (still alive)
SHARON, Jodi (i468) (still alive)
SHARON, Jonathon David (i457) (still alive)
SHARON, Marisha (i473) (still alive)
SHARON, Melissa Sue (i456) (still alive)
SHARON, Rebecca Joy (i454) (still alive)
SHARON, Stephen (i467) (still alive)
SHARON, Tom (i451) (still alive)


Shirley (marriage to William Reed Shupe) (i789)


SHUPE, Alaska (i737), b.1916-
SHUPE, Andy Bryan (i741), b.1926-d.1990
SHUPE, Bessie (marriage to William Harvey "Harve" Stamper) (i764), b.1889-d.1954
SHUPE, Carl Dean (i749), b.1939-
SHUPE, Debra Eileen (i752) (still alive)
SHUPE, Donna Jeanette (i753) (still alive)
SHUPE, Illie Lee (i742), b.1908-
SHUPE, James Lloyd (i743), b.1910-d.1978
SHUPE, Joseph Malcomb (i738), b.1918-d.1996
SHUPE, Lloyd (i748) (still alive)
SHUPE, Olin (i740)
SHUPE, Raby Burt (i739)
SHUPE, Shelvia Jean (i750), b.1939-
SHUPE, Wanda Lee (i747), b.1935-
SHUPE, William (i790)
SHUPE, William Harvey (marriage to Maude Beatrice Stamper) (i735), b.1884-d.1943
SHUPE, William Kyle (i744), b.1912-d.1988
SHUPE, William Reed (i746), b.1933-


SINGLETON, Mildred (marriage to Charles E Vaught) (i195)


SLIGH, Helen Virginia (i2408)
SLIGH, Herbert Russel (marriage to Blanche Irene Nelson) (i2407)


SMITH, Helen Marie (marriage to Illie Lee Shupe) (i745), b.1918-
SMITH, Sally (marriage to John Stamper) (i1781), b.1823-


STAMPER, Abbey (i700), b.1808-d.1808
STAMPER, Abraham (i694), b.1846-d.1924
STAMPER, Abraham (marriage to Mary Kathryn Stamper) (i694), b.1846-d.1924
STAMPER, Abraham Lincoln (i2426), b.1866-d.1959
STAMPER, Alice (i689), b.1884-
STAMPER, Annie (i2489)
STAMPER, Arlie Wiley (i1392), b.1900-d.1974
STAMPER, Aurora "Rora" (i688), b.1878-
STAMPER, Cannie (i1974), b.1902-
STAMPER, Catherine (i711), b.1824-d.1870
STAMPER, Charity (i2500), b.1836-
STAMPER, Charles Andrew (i1391), b.1895-d.1985
STAMPER, Charlie (i685), b.1871-
STAMPER, Cles (i1973), b.1900-
STAMPER, Donna Arlene (i1390), b.1891-d.1990
STAMPER, Elizabeth "Betsy" (i1780), b.1841-
STAMPER, Eva Rose (i1892), b.1921-d.1945
STAMPER, Floyd (i2421), b.1857-d.1940
STAMPER, H. Hugh (i1972), b.1897-
STAMPER, Harvey (i695), b.1854-
STAMPER, Harvey (i2483), b.1877-
STAMPER, Hildred (i1976), b.1907-
STAMPER, Irena Jane "Rena" (i686), b.1873-d.1952
STAMPER, James Harlow (i1967), b.1890-
STAMPER, James Harlow (marriage to Mattie Mae Stamper) (i1967), b.1890-
STAMPER, James J. (i2326), b.1914-
STAMPER, James Piercy (i1482), b.1861-
STAMPER, James Thomas "Tom" (i698), b.1855-d.1943
STAMPER, Jean "Jennie" (i709), b.1818-
STAMPER, Jessie (i778), b.1922-
STAMPER, Jessie (i1970), b.1893-
STAMPER, John (i704), b.1810-d.1890
STAMPER, John (i707), b.1866-
STAMPER, John (i775), b.1910-
STAMPER, John Calvin (i2424), b.1860-d.1947
STAMPER, John Roman (i1387), b.1884-d.1904
STAMPER, Joseph (i714), b.1828-d.1869
STAMPER, Joseph Samuel (i44), b.1843-d.1928
STAMPER, Joseph William "Will" (i693), b.1897-d.1969
STAMPER, Joshua (i562), b.1785-d.1850
STAMPER, Joshua, Jr (i78), b.1823-d.1865
STAMPER, Laura Ellen "Ella Eurie" (i27), b.1881-d.1958
STAMPER, Lessie Irene (i776), b.1913-d.1988
STAMPER, Luther Wayne (i1317), b.1907-d.1984
STAMPER, Lydia (i1389), b.1888-d.1932
STAMPER, Madison (i2419), b.1839-d.1915
STAMPER, Madison Nile (i2425), b.1862-d.1927
STAMPER, Mahala (i703), b.1810-d.1810
STAMPER, Margeret "Peggy" (i2501), b.1838-
STAMPER, Margeret Adeline (i710), b.1820-d.1869
STAMPER, Martha Emma (i2487), b.1896-d.1985
STAMPER, Mary (i1969), b.1891-
STAMPER, Mary Irene (i2485), b.1926-d.1934
STAMPER, Mary Kathryn (i2423), b.1858-
STAMPER, Mary Kathryn (marriage to Abraham Stamper) (i2423), b.1858-
STAMPER, Mattie Mae (i691), b.1890-
STAMPER, Mattie Mae (marriage to James Harlow Stamper) (i691), b.1890-
STAMPER, Maude Beatrice (i690), b.1887-d.1984
STAMPER, Millard (i779) (still alive)
STAMPER, Minnie Loudemia (i2327), b.1916-
STAMPER, Mollie (i2488)
STAMPER, Oaky\Okie Ruth (i777), b.1917-d.1991
STAMPER, Polly Jane (i697), b.1848-
STAMPER, Richard (i708), b.1813-
STAMPER, Rosa (i713), b.1833-
STAMPER, Rosa "Rosie" (i692), b.1893-d.1976
STAMPER, Rosamond "Rosey" (i696), b.1852-
STAMPER, Roxie (i1971), b.1896-
STAMPER, Sally (i2498), b.1848-
STAMPER, Samuel Ray (i1385), b.1904-d.1998
STAMPER, Sarah (i1779), b.1839-
STAMPER, Son1 (i2486), b.1924-
STAMPER, Stevie (i1891), b.1920-d.1920
STAMPER, Susan (i699), b.1806-
STAMPER, Susan Allafair "Susie" (i687), b.1884-d.1924
STAMPER, Susie (i1386), b.1882-d.1950
STAMPER, Thomas (i1975), b.1904-
STAMPER, Tobias (i712), b.1825-d.1870
STAMPER, Virginia Victoria (i1890), b.1915-d.1989
STAMPER, William Harvey "Harve" (i1388), b.1885-d.1973


VAUGHT, Andrew Dutton (i2216) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Andrew Lee (marriage to Laura Ellen "Ella Eurie" Stamper) (i26), b.1877-d.1963
VAUGHT, Barbara (i207) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Bessie Lanora (i188), b.1902-d.1984
VAUGHT, Beverly (i203) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Blanche (i193) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Brenda Jean (i142) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Carrie 'Alasca' (i189), b.1904-d.1998
VAUGHT, Catherine (i199) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Cathy (i202) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Charles E (i186), b.1911-d.1953
VAUGHT, Charles E, JR (i197) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Christopher (i209) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Clifford Bruce (i221) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Colleen Sue (i464) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Cory Lee (i463) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Cristen Leeann (i465) (still alive)
VAUGHT, David Allen (i14) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Dennis Eugene (i18), b.1909-d.1985
VAUGHT, Dennis Eugene, JR (i141) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Edith (i191) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Edward Groak (i1) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Elizabeth Ann (i208) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Ellen (i206) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Eric Brandon (i2397) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Jean (i200) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Joseph Fields (i187), b.1906-d.1988
VAUGHT, Kristen Alyse (i2) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Lance Stuart (i222), b.1960-d.1995
VAUGHT, Laura (i162) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Lauren Rachel (i2398) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Lisa Marie (i144) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Lloyd Lee (i139) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Mary (i205) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Melissa (i161) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Mildred (i192) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Pauline (i198) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Pauline (i219) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Robert Henry (i220) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Robert Lee (i190), b.1917-d.1984
VAUGHT, Rose Marie (i140) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Stanley (i201), b.1936-d.1937
VAUGHT, Stephen William (i3) (still alive)
VAUGHT, Timothy Edward (i2217), b.1998-d.1998
VAUGHT, William Rommel (i12) (still alive)


WATTS, Ethel (marriage to Arlie Wiley Stamper) (i1986), b.1904-

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