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Interview with Betty Edwards Stamper

July 1982; Danville, Virginia

By Betty Maynard

Prologue: Betty Edwards Stamper was the wife of Harvey Stamper. Harvey Stamper was the son of Abraham Stamper and Mary Kathryn Stamper. Harvey's paternal grandparents were Joshua Stamper Jr. and Susannah Hash. His maternal grandparents were Madison Stamper and Jane Rutherford.

"I remember will the morning Abraham was killed. The reason I can always remember the year so well was that was the year our oldest son was born.

"It had been raining hard all night and all morning and Harvey and his Dad were standing on the front porch talking about how fast the creek was getting up. I had picked up the baby to go in and start dinner.

"A back window was up and about the time I got in the kitchen a ball of fire rolled in the window. It rolled around in the kitchen, then into the front bedroom and out the front window to where Abraham was standing. It hit him hard, even knocked the soles off his shoes. Abraham was burned pretty bad. Harvey was hurt the worst I've ever seen. He and his Dad were awful close.

"We buried Abraham at Cox's Chapel there in Grayson County. He is buried next to our daughter that died while we lived there. She died of the fever.

"I don't know where Abraham's wife is buried. She died before I ever married Harvey.

"Harvey came to Danville to work in the Mill. There was nothing for him to do in Grayson County. He came here in the Thirties (1930's). Harvey died here and we buried him at the Schoolfield Cemetery. We have two children buried there."

Epilogue: Abraham Stamper, son of Joshua Stamper, Jr. and Susannah Hash was killed by Ball Lightening about 11:00 AM, 21 September 1924 in Grayson County, Virginia. Mrs. Stamper died a few months after this interview.

Note: The reader may wonder why Mrs. Stamper was fixing " . . . Start Dinner" at about 11 AM. Many a southern still refers to the mid-day meal as Dinner and the evening meal as Supper.

  1982 by Betty Maynard

Transcribed and published electronically by Wil Vaught, by permission of copywriter.

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